Alive O Festival

Inaugural Killeagh/Inch  Alive O Celebration Festival was innovative and  mouldbreaking.

Full marks to the adhoc steering committee of the Alive O Festival in Killeagh in their novel and courageous lineup for this festival. The aim was to encourage the people of the parish to reconnect, engage, interact on a social and communal level and discuss the best way forward for the community.

O  Saturday 19th October, The festival was officially opened by Brindsley McDonnell, Chairman of the Community Council. A produce morning, organised by Martha Doyle followed in the hall and had crafts and exhibitors from the parish in abundance.

A céilí followed in the evening. It’s been a long time since a céilí was held in the Kileagh Community centre and the enjoyment that was had by young and old was testament to the success of this night. Spearheaded by Mary O’Regan -McCarthy,  Michael O’Regan and a host of supporters,  the presiding musicians  on the night  were  Ger Byrne, Cormack Lynch, Dick Prendergast, and James Aherne. No social event would be complete without the ‘cuppa’ and the céilí was no exception. This social evening is being requested again and proves the need for social interaction.

Sunday 11 O’Clock mass saw the church pews full to capacity with every organisation represented and the church resounded to the strains of Faith of our Fathers. A guard of honour by the Killeagh 68 Scouts gave a regal and ceremonial touch to the ordinary Sunday gathering and made it an extraordinary and memorable service so sensitively presided over by the new PP Fr Tim Hazelwood.

The Teddy bears Picnic, organiser Elizabeth Power,  that followed was really enjoyed by parents and kids alike and luckily the weather was kind for the hour.

On Wednesday 23rd an Open Forum was held to discuss the “Changes and challenges that are and will be in our towns, villages and communities in the future”.  A presentation was brilliantly prepared by local English Scholar David Irwin, and Finbarr Motherway chaired the proceedings with his own natural aplomb and diplomacy. The evening was inspiring, enlightening, positive and with resolution.  With moments of illumination and controversy and the odd spanner in the works for ignition, the topic was well explored and expounded on by the many lively contributions from the floor.

The conclusion of this festival was to centre on the 4 national schools of the parish. An Art competition with the theme ‘what your parish/community means to you’ and a talent contest for 3rd to 6th class was held on Friday 25th. The capacity audience was treated to young new talent ensuring a bright future for these young competitors and giving them a proper platform to display their talents. The festival was then officially closed by Community Chairman once again.

A big thank you to all who supported this venture.

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