Our Members

Who are the Community Council?

The following is a list of the officers and members of the current Community Council:  (some roles have not yet been filled.  We hope to have the full list up after our first meeting in March)


Patron:  Joint Patrons – Fr. Tim Hazelwood

Chairperson:  James Maunsell

Deputy Chairperson:  Brinsley McDonnell

Secretary:  Catherine Foley

Assistant Secretary: Maureen Brady

Treasurer:  Simon Coady

Assistant Treasurer: Margaret Walsh

P.R.O:  Rita Scannell


Other Members:

(Note: For organisational purposes, the parish is divided into 12 areas)

Area1    Dan  Sexton  and  Simon  Coady

Area 2   No results yet

Area  3   James  Maunsell  and  Aoife  Parsons

Area  4A   Helen  Kennedy  and  Mary  Daly

Area  4B    Rita  Scannell  and  Maureen  Brady

Area   5      Nessa  Browne  and  Tom  Vaughan

Area   6       Sandra  O’Brien   and  Jonna Hof-Kenntoft

Area  7        Mary  Kent    only  at  present

Area   8        No  result  yet

Area  9        Margaret  Walsh  and  Ian  Walsh

Area  10      Brinsley  McDonnell   and  Adrian  Coleman

Area   11      Mary  Collins  and  Mary  Budds

Area    12     Eddie  Scully   and  Catherine  Foley

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